HELLO MY LOVES!!!I have missed you so!! Ive made a full recovery and am good, if not better; than new!! In my spare time, which I wasnt supposed to be doing anything… yeah right :)… ummm HELLO.. It’s ME!!  I have made several keen observations that I have to share with you. 1.   I’m human and I must start acting as such. Therefore I cannot and will not try to do everything any longer. It totally drains me and reeks havoc on my body. 2.  Money is not everything. My time at home recovery has allowed me to do something I was never able to do… be home with my children. Even better, its been wondeful!! They have really needed me for a long time, and i can see that now. Yes, things are tighter, but I have found ways around that. Anything is doable, just have to look at it frim a different angle. 3. My ADD can be controlled…if I calm the fuck down. 4.  Even though I HATE to do it, I can relinquish control. It is good for me. My home won’t fall apart ( It may look it, for about a hour).  Delighting is the key here.. and it allows me to be in somewhat control. 5.  I can not expect others to know what I want or need for them to do without asking. This goes with all forms. Relationships, kids, buisness. Ask for what you want with utmost clarity! Dumb it down to its simplest form if you have to. All they can say is No.. an, if you have thought out your request and presented it correctly.. mostly you will get a Yes. 6.  Trust in your gut! I’ve said it a million times before, but seriously. If it is right… it will happen easily. Your time line may not line up with what you are wanting but, believe you me!! IT will happen!! And honey,  it has!!! 7.  Relaxing is really nice! There is some very funny Television! Books are great, and Pintrest is the devil! 8. You can’t recover from anything if your always in the go. Take time. Sit still. Find peace. 9. Forgive…Forgive…Forgive It’s life… we all make mistakes. Even though you dont know it yet, those mistakes or unanswered prayers are guiding you to where you are meant to be. 10.  The journey.. well it’s a journey. It’s a lot of struggles and heartaches. However, that goal you want.. the job, the career, the relationship… you know you can have it! Trust in yourself. Don’t ever settle, because everything you have ever dreamed you can have… well it is possible!! :)   I’m Back!! And better than before!! Keep logging in for daily changes and new events, topics and all things possible!! In Peace,  Love, and super Fabulousness!!! ~Laurie~

I was born to make mistakes, not FAKE perfection… ~L~