Your Desires, are in within… Open yourself to them


Have you had these thoughts? “I can’t take the risk on getting hurt again… There is no way that I could be that happy… My ideas are crazy! My business will never take off… I don’t have the money… I could never afford that house I really want…I don’t have the support I need… I can’t do that because… ” All of that is negative thinking! By saying these types of statements, you are validating that you will never get your desires. No matter what happens, if you do not believe, and use those statements, it just will not happen. You alone are stopping the process.

Do you want a great love? A different life? A successful business? Your dream home? Well honey, here are the two biggest and most important steps.

You must think positive thoughts! This is a hard transition for most people, because by nature we are very critical of ourselves. Start with simple tricks to retrain your brain. Use a rubber band on your wrist (this is what I do), and pop the rubber band when a negative thought comes into mind. Mediate, journal, use mantras, find motivations on social media (you can follow me and my fellow fem-power house divas on twitter, go through my following to see those that are my favorites) Use those little quotes and sayings for inspirations on the fly throughout your day. Exercise! Not only will improve your health, but It releases tons of endorphins which make you feel fabulous but you look sexy as heck because of those endorphins! Whatever works for you, do it! Little by little you can   re-program your mind. Baby steps honey, baby steps… Think positive! After a while, it will just become second nature.

Secondly, If someone had a bucket of water to give you but you only had a cup, you wouldn’t be able to receive what they had for you. The problem would not be with the supply; it is your ability to receive. If you would get rid of the small container and get something larger, then you could receive so much more. Your heart and mind are the same way. You must have an open heart and an open mind in order to receive blessings and gifts in your life. You must clear out the unnecessary, both literally and figuratively to make room. My past article, “Baggage” talks more about that clutter. Constant “baggage” just weighs us down. It takes the place of the awesome things that are waiting for you.

perfect baggage

Once you clear out all the unnecessary, then you are ready for the third and most important. Open your heart and life for your desires. Expect it; visualize it, Dream about it. Don’t accept anything less than what you truly want. This is called manifestation, and it super powerful! There are countless books and self-help blogs on the internet about the power of manifestation. I encourage you to read as many as you can. Knowledge is power baby! I personally spent hundreds of hours reading and then figuring out how to tap into that power. Then I figured it out.

This is the last step. Here is My “Real Talk” that those books and other articles won’t tell you…

YOU HAVE TO WORK YOUR ASS OFF! Read that again… WORK YOUR ASS OFF! You simply cannot open yourself up for greatest and then sit back and expect for it to fall in your lap. The life of your dreams wont just appear. The man of your dreams wont ride in on a white horse, or a white BMW for that matter. The job that your want wont just happen. No one is going to drop off the keys to your great new house (Sorry, honey, but neither will Publishers clearing house) You have to work… HARD! Long hours of blood sweat and tears. No one becomes an overnight success. Read the bio’s on your favorite people, I can almost guarantee that they worked hard to get where they are. You have to rearrange your life so you can fit in whatever you want to achieve. You have to think out of the box. Be open to new ideas! Be creative! Talk to everyone you can! Get up earlier and stay up later. Read everything that inspires you! Join groups! It is all about ACTION!

It takes baby steps. It is a crazy roller coaster ride and I promise there will be ups and downs, But keep working and keep believing. Keep your eyes on your desires, and make adjustments along the way! Go out and purse your dreams! Take chances. I mean really, what are waiting for? Go for it! Get rid of that cup and get a pool! Get away from your comfort zone and you will see that there is a whole lot more than the place you are in right now.. There is possibility everywhere. The resources for whatever you want are out there, you just have to go get them and have the openness to see them.

So today, I ask you to increase your capacity to receive. Widen your eyes. Be open. Start with positive thought. Change and success is according to what you can see. Start with the belief that your desires are possible, and have the faith that you do have it in you to make them happen.

Peace, Love and fabulessness,



I was born to make mistakes, not FAKE perfection… ~L~