A little about me…

newest 4-6-14

Hi Y’all!

Let me take a few minutes to introduce myself… Like many of us at this age, I am divorced, I am a mother of 3 great kids, I drive an SUV and I have a regular job. I’m a normal everyday woman; however there is a difference about me. I am alive! In every sense of the word ALIVE!..Best decison i didnt make!!   ALIVE and LIVING FULL!!!

Too many years of regret, not saying what I should or doing what I wanted. I got a wakeup call, a second chance and took it! I changed everything about me. I de-cluttered my life. I turned myself around and choose to live a life without regret. I took the chance that most people don’t.  These are the adventures that go along with that growth.

I now live without fear and I admit to being a whole lot of just a little too much! I have new outlook on every aspect of my life, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, personally and professionally. I’m determined to make the rest of my life count! I have a no nonsense attitude and tell it like it is.    I am the same person today that you wil meet tomorow.  I admit regularly to having raunchy funny thoughts and sometimes even a potty mouth. Laughter is the key to survival in my book. I am outspoken and often say too much but i promise you  I am 100% honest. What I say may be raw, but will be accurate. I am not perfect and have made and will continue to make mistakes. Hey, I’m only human! I am as real as they  come. I can and will admit my mistakes. I take the lessons that I learn and use them foing forward with absolute  positively. My hope and mission that you will gain some insight and growth from my thoughts,  empower you to make some changes, take some chances, or mearly just think about topics in another light.

I am that gal pal that you would love to have a drink with and laugh until we nearly wet our pants and faces hurt from smiling so much. I can’t promise polished, but I do promise a unique insight and definitely some fun! Come along on this journey of discovery with me.

Peace, Love, and fabulousness….


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3 thoughts on “A little about me…”

  1. For 12 yrs I felt unapreciated, and I became unsecure about myself, my now ex wife wants a divorce and im ok with it to a certain point, her social life is up the sky, like nothing hurts in her, mine however, not so good…
    Where do I start….

  2. I’ve known for a lifetime.. I’ve understood u from the day I met u…and yet I learn a new facet of ur person daily. U have always been a fly by the seat of ur pants person and in that I admire u. U r a mother a daughter a sister an X but to me ull always be friend. Best of luck..ur choices ur own and with that u deserve the best

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I was born to make mistakes, not FAKE perfection… ~L~